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Storm Choice PVC Roofing Solutions in Houston

Discover roofing excellence with Storm Choice’s PVC Roofing solutions in Houston. With a legacy of 35 years, we redefine roofing standards, offering unparalleled quality, durability, and innovative solutions. Explore the advantages of PVC roofing and elevate your property’s protection.

Slope Roofing Reinvented

Revolutionizing Slope Roofing with PVC

Traditional slope roofing meets modern innovation with Storm Choice’s PVC roofing systems. Our solutions stand the test of time, ensuring a roof that not only looks exceptional but also provides long-lasting protection.

Types of Roofing for Every Need

Storm Choice Roofing brings a diverse range of roofing options tailored to your specific needs. From traditional materials to advanced PVC roofing systems, explore the extensive variety we offer to complement your property’s style and functionality.

PVC Roofing Advantages

35 Years of Unmatched Expertise

Benefit from the expertise that comes with 35 years of roofing excellence. Storm Choice Roofing is a trusted name, that delivers high-quality roofing solutions. Our commitment to durability and innovation sets us apart in the industry.


High-quality PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Roofing

Experience the pinnacle of roofing quality with PVC roofing. Storm Choice Roofing utilizes Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), a robust material known for its durability and resistance to the elements. Our high-quality PVC roofing ensures long-term protection for your property.


Single-Ply Membranes for Enhanced Durability

Discover the benefits of single-ply membranes in PVC roofing. Storm Choice Roofing employs advanced materials, such as polyester reinforcement, to create single-ply membranes that enhance the durability and performance of your roof.


Maintenance-Free Roofing Solutions

Say goodbye to constant maintenance with Storm Choice's PVC roofing systems. Our solutions are designed to be maintenance-free, offering you peace of mind and ensuring that your roof stands strong against the elements.


Mechanically Attached Roofing for Enhanced Stability

Storm Choice Roofing ensures the stability of your roof through mechanically attached systems. Our expert installation techniques guarantee that your PVC roofing system remains securely in place, providing optimal protection for your property.


Chemical Resistance for Longevity

Protect your roof against the harshest elements with PVC's inherent chemical resistance. Storm Choice Roofing's PVC roofing solutions offer longevity by resisting damage caused by chemicals, ensuring your roof withstands the test of time.

PVC Roofing Installation Process


Expertly Installed PVC Roofing

Experience a seamless PVC roofing installation process with Storm Choice Roofing. Our skilled professionals ensure that every step, from material application to final inspection, is executed with precision, guaranteeing a roofing system that exceeds expectations.


Fully Adhered Roof Systems for Comprehensive Protection

Opt for fully adhered roof systems with Storm Choice Roofing. Our commitment to comprehensive protection is evident in our fully adhered PVC roofing systems, ensuring that every inch of your roof is secure against external threats.


Extend Roofing Life with Storm Choice Solutions

Storm Choice Roofing introduces solutions that extend the life of your roofing. With advanced materials and expert installation, our PVC roofing systems provide unmatched durability, allowing you to enjoy a longer lifespan for your roof.

Local Service Area in Houston

Bringing PVC Roofing Excellence to Houston

Storm Choice Roofing extends its PVC roofing excellence to various neighborhoods in Houston, including but not limited to:

Contact Storm Choice Roofing for PVC Roofing Excellence

Elevate Your Property's Protection with PVC Roofing

Ready to elevate your property’s protection with Storm Choice’s PVC roofing solutions? Contact us today for a consultation on our advanced roofing systems. We’re dedicated to providing tailored solutions that enhance the durability, energy efficiency, and longevity of your roof.

Honest Reviews
from Our Clients

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Nyoka Harrison
Nyoka Harrison
Google Review
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Daniel was very professional and detail oriented. He explained the process step by step. My roof looks great!
Andrea Perez
Andrea Perez
Google Review
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I highly recommend roofing through Storm Choice Roofing. Everything from beginning to the end was handled to perfection. Smitty and Daniel are professional, knowledgeable and show great compassion for the work they put forth. They have provided great information and guided us through the process of a complete re-roof step by step. I am extremely happy with our new roof. I will continue to use Storm Choice in the future to create our dream home.
luis carrascal
luis carrascal
Google Review
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These guys did an amazing job. We got hit buy the tornado and were some to do the repairs. Daniel came by and took a look, sent me a quote in a timely manner. Then came out to do repairs in a reasonable amount of time. Will definitely be using these guys in the future.
Iris Murphy
Iris Murphy
Google Review
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My roof looks amazing all my neighbors on my streets love Daniel work and I will recommend him to anyone and everyone I already gave out 2 of his cards
Cassey Morales
Cassey Morales
Google Review
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I called Daniels Roofing Company and they came out quickly and fixed everything for a great price. The roof looks great and I feel so much better now. So glad to be able to support a neighborhood company, you can tell they really care about their customers, Daniel had his guys professionally assist. We plan to use them for all our roofing needs in the future.
Perla Isela
Perla Isela
Google Review
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Definitely recommend this company 💯 for your remodeling projects. Great job, with no doubt. Thank you for everything. ✨️🌛☀️
matt martian
matt martian
Google Review
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I had some wind damage and Daniel was great upfront with the whole process of contacting my insurance company and coordinating with their agent to make sure everything got taken care of. Roof looks fantastic..also did some tree work..which I needed badly. Highly recommend!

Frequently Asked Questions
About Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof in Texas comes with an average cost ranging from $6,000 to $20,000. Homeowners typically spend around $12,000 for a standard 2,000-square-foot shingle roof. Several factors influence the cost, such as roof size, roofing material, pitch complexity, labor rates, and additional work. At Storm Choice Roofing, we provide free roof inspections and consultations to determine the precise cost of your roof replacement. We also offer affordable roofing materials and financing options tailored to your budget.

The cost of repairing a roof varies depending on the specific issue. Small leaks cost around $150-$300, while extensive repairs can run into thousands depending on the severity of the damage. Storm Choice Roofing offers a wide range of repair services, from fixing minor leaks to patching up damaged shingles to complete roof overhauls. We diagnose problems quickly and provide fair, transparent estimates before starting any work.

Yes, most Texas counties require a roofing contractor license for roof replacements and major repairs. Always ensure your chosen contractor holds a valid license for your area. Storm Choice Roofing is fully licensed and insured, ensuring that your roof replacement or repair is done by qualified professionals meeting all state and local requirements.

Common roof repairs include replacing shingles, fixing leaks, repairing damaged flashing, and cleaning gutters. Storm Choice Roofing handles all types of roofing repairs efficiently with our experienced team of technicians.

To find a reputable and licensed roofing contractor:

  • Ask for recommendations from friends, family, or neighbors.
  • Check online resources for licensed contractors with good reviews.
  • Contact your local roofing association for a list of qualified contractors.

Look no further than Storm Choice Roofing, a local, family-owned business with a proven track record of providing quality roofing services at affordable prices. We prioritize delivering the best possible experience for our customers, from start to finish. Before making a decision, it’s recommended to get multiple estimates from different contractors, choose a trusted contractor with a clear track record, and ensure everything is documented in writing, including the scope of work, materials used, and warranty information.

Meet the Owner

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Daniel Huerta

Owner of Storm Choice Roofing

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Meet the Owner

Hello I’m Daniel Huerta, the proud founder of Storm Choice Roofing. My journey to creating this company was shaped by early experiences that revealed a gap in the roofing industry – a need for a business anchored in integrity and fairness. I envisioned a roofing service that wasn’t just about technical excellence, but also about ethical practice and genuine care for customers. This vision led to the establishment of Storm Choice Roofing in 2021, marking the start of a new chapter in ethical business practices, and setting the bar for quality roofing solutions.

Our company stands as more than just a service provider; it embodies a commitment to trust, quality, and building lasting relationships with our clients. We thrive on honest, transparent interactions and focus on providing personalized solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer. The success of Storm Choice Roofing is a reflection of our unwavering dedication to these principles, fostering a sense of community and trust with every roof we repair or install.

About the Team

At Storm Choice Roofing, the team is more than just employees, they are a family united by a shared mission.

Each member, from project managers to sales, they bring unique skills and a passion for excellence. The team is characterized by their diverse expertise, unwavering commitment to quality, and a deep understanding of the roofing industry. They work collaboratively, ensuring that every project meets the high standards set by the company. Their collective goal is to provide exceptional service, from meticulous roof installations to managing intricate insurance claims, all while maintaining the core values of honesty and integrity that define Storm Choice Roofing.

Walter Smith

Walter Smith

Sales Manager


Renee Billiot

Project Manager

Corinne Bordelon

Corinne Bordelon

Project Manager

Expert Roofing Services Tailored for you

We know that the cost of repairs can be a major concern for homeowners, especially after a recent storm. However, we’re committed to providing competitive pricing that won’t break the bank. We’ll even work with your insurance company to make sure you get the best possible outcome.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the process of filing an insurance claim and navigating the restoration process? Let us take the burden off your shoulders. Our experienced team will guide you through every step of the process, from filing your claim to completing the restoration work.

We understand your concerns about the quality of work and materials, and we share them too. That’s why we use only the best and employ skilled professionals who take pride in their craft.

Redefining Roofing with Integrity and Excellence

Our Commitment to You

“At Storm Choice Roofing, our mission is to redefine the roofing industry through unwavering integrity, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to building lasting relationships. We are dedicated to providing top-quality roofing solutions, tailored to the unique needs of each client, ensuring trust and satisfaction with every project we undertake.”

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